Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Beauty is necessary or juz an accessory..??

huh~it is very subjective matter to speak..when talk bout beauty,most man in world especially to those who are single mingle..yup,will say to beauty is natural thing!hek..???Beauty is very subjective matter..don' believe it?? some may say those who wear 'tudung' is very 'cun habes' and like muslimah sejati even sometimes,it's not show their self at all(naa...not everybody,but some...i juz say some..not all)..and some people may say those who show their rebonding and 'karat marat' hair is the most beautiful girls in the world..huh,isn't it..??even the hair is not 'asli' anymore? harhar..back to the topic juz is necessary..??juz an accessory...or maybe both..??hmmmm....nothing will last forever in this world, except our,the physically beauty that u have now is not the guaranteed to make u get the beautiful life in the ''next day''..but, insyaallah..with the beautiful heart and iman in yourself,will be the reason how you will be paid by Allah with giving u the jannah..not saying that i am a perfect muslimah, as i share this to remind myself too..i still remember what my teacher at secondary school said : why should we proud if we have a beautiful eyes and a cute mute face, if all this things juz given by Allah as a temporary..??hhmmm....then, i remember what one of my seniors said to me : 'kalau nak kerja nanti, time temuduga tu...yang mane cun and habes lawa tu sure terpilih..kesian la kat orang yang tak cantik cm2..'...erm... betul ke..??huh..if that thing is really happened, how pity to them who not feel comfortable with high heel,shining and reddish is the reality today, become the necessary thing especially to get the comfort life..not accessory anymore..harharhar..when i ask my friends bout this...kinah said "beauty inside is necessory and the outside beauty is juz an accessory..when come to ieda, she is like a bonus not a necessary or an accessory..when your heart is good,it is the real beauty of your self that no one can challenge it..but, when asking syud bout this, she saids "ur topic is juz too general la...." huhuhu..people might have their own explanation bout matter what, Allah had give us good 'aql to think bout the beauty might be the necessary to human...and how the beauty might be an accessory to human..and how the thing is beauty, is juz depends on yourself to make it and to feel is the subjective matter..lalalalala..dah mcm story the beauty and the beast la pulak..hehehehe..

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